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Mastercoachs.org was born out of the necessity of establishing some kind of common criteria when it comes to international professional coaching within large corporations. There are so many associations or certification institutes that it is sometimes hard for the customer to decide who´s who and what’s the worth of such and such certification.

We, at Mastercoachs.org have decided to be ruthless and to establish the most stringent rules we could come up with for being worthy of calling ourselves international master coachs.

For this very reason, being a member of Mastercoachs.org is totally free, which might sound appealing at first, although you will notice hereafter that having your entrance ticket punched is far from easy (it is not cheap).

You may apply ONLY if you match at least FIVE of the following requisites:


  1. You are able to perform coaching proficiently in at least TWO different languages.
  2. You have official links with a public university. Note: private business schools albeit prestigious do not apply.
  3. You usually perform coaching in at least TWO different countries (not sharing a common language).
  4. You have been certified by a coaching organization or company endorsed by an official public education system (e.g. BTEC -now Edexcel- in the UK). Note: Privately held federations do not count, whatever their renown.
  5. You have published at least TWO books -or relevant papers- about coaching and / or coaching skills.
  6. You work not only for wages; you are also sometimes involved in non-profit personal development associations, whether in your home country or abroad.
  7. You boast an accrued amount in excess of 1.500 hours of coaching performed. If you are already certified by any coaching Federation, Association, Guild or local Club (e.g. ICF, AECOP, IAC, ...) that requires that very minimum quantity, that will do.
  8. You are certified in at least TWO standard methodologies (e.g. MBTI, Insights, …). Note: PNL might apply but only if paired with another methodology.
  9. You have trained and certified coachs as well (no less than 20, in no less than TWO countries).
  10. You are a lecturer at at least TWO business schools, not related between them.


 If you match the above-demanded requirements then by your own right you are worthy of being a full-fledged member of Mastercoachs.org. If you do not match them, we still respect you as a good professional fellow, just working in a different league of ours.

As you should have noticed by now, Mastercoachs.org is the most demanding certification group known thus far. So, now you have carefully read the application requisites, it is time to ask yourself THE question: “Am I worthy of being part of this group?” If the answer is undoubtedly YES, them you are welcome to get in touch with us so we can welcome you as one of ours.

On the other hand, we do not seek secretiveness, although as part of our policy the names of the members are not to be publicly disclosed unless decided by the said members. Those members are allowed though to publicize their membership whatever the means and supporting media they might decide to use.

And remember that what is free might not come in cheap, you have to fight for it. We, as coaches are well aware of it as it is a core part of our job. 


Welcome then to Mastercoachs.org

The Central Board 


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