"Membership is free albeit not cheap"


About us ... and our values 




 We may -and we actually do- disagree with many theories -some of them quite widespread- regarding coaching, training and mentoring. However, as we are not Judge Dredd and because this is not hard science -whatever some people try to sell us- we do not emit any judgment about the validity or not of such and such theory.  

So, it doesn´t matter where you hail from, i.e. from  "genuine cosmological", "system-active" or "globally holistic integrative" or whatever-fancy-name-you-use coaching school, we accept it, always provided that it is ethical in its means and in its ends. Whether that wouldn´t be the case, please take a wide berth, as we are merciless with that kind of unethical behaviour.  



Although Mastercoachs.org is mainly devoted to coaching, it is most true that the skills and attitude the latter requires are not dissimilar to those needed in training or mentoring. As a matter of fact, many a coach uses to work as a trainer as well. So mentors and trainers are welcome to apply and to join us. We will amend the requisites for them although the basics remain, you may replace "coaching" by "training", and "voilà !".  

On the other hand, we are well aware that our members will never be in the thousands, but we do not want to be an elitist club; we deeply think that the more top international professionals available in the market, the better for both individuals and companies, as human education is the most important asset in a thriving society. So, if you feel that you are close to matching our requirements but do still miss one of them, please let us know, and whenever possible we might give you a hand. 


 Respect and ethics. 

We coachs are not therapists. It´s a different job altogether. We take an -informal although committing- oath at Mastercoachs.org that reminds us to never enter that specific field, as that would go beyond unethical, that would be a straight fraud. 

It is most true that we coachs offer a high-value service and we must charge for it accordingly. Here at Mastercoachs.org we do not meddle in personal business issues. I.e. if you show strong ethical values and if you know your market, then it´s up to you to establish your own invoicing rates. By the way, as a disclaimer, Mastercoachs.org shall not be held responsible for any of its members´ actions. Our sole purpose is to certify that our members match our requirements.

Would any of our members show a non-ethical behaviour, he would immediately be shown to the door, with no option to apply back ever. 



And above all, humour. For us it is a vital quality. Putting on a stern and sour face won´t turn you into a better coach, trainer or even human being. You will be just someone with a sour face.  

Always remember that a coach has to discernate between what is an assumed attitude (inferred) and what is an actual  behaviour (observed), i.e. between looking tough and between acting tough (or caring or empathic or whatever). So please apply it to yourself first. 


So eventually, in the end, it´s all about respect, respect toward your clients, toward your coachees and toward your peers.



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